View Full Version : error in description of installation

26.07.2003, 18:44
Taken from the readme:

"First the 'DAEMON Tools End User License agreement will pop up and you will have to agree to it before installation proceeds. Then you will be asked if you want to change the path where the installation files shall be unpacked to but we recommend NOT to change it. Afterwards close the readme.txt (after reading it, of course) and you will be asked if you want to start 'setup.exe'. "

This is not what happens. I never got an End User agreement. The first thing you get is the readme, followed by asking about setup.exe, which does not ask you where to unpack. Then finally you get the choice of installation path. All of which is different than the description above.

The way you do it is a little confusing also. Granted, I should read the readme first. But for those who dive right in, it appears that the program is not working. Because the setup doesn't appear until one closes the readme, it appears hung or corrupted. So I went ahead and ran the install again, which hung because the initial one was still running in the background. Well, I finally read the readme, and rebooted, and read the readme and closed it and the setup came up and everything is fine. But I have never seen an install go that way, so it will confuse some.