View Full Version : I thought I didn't have Easy CD on the machine ...

26.07.2003, 19:16
OK, this is embarrassing, but here it is. I read the readme, and noted all the stuff about Easy CD Creator. I was so certain that I didn't have Easy on the machine that I didn't even look. As they say, 'often wrong but never in doubt.' Anyhow, I am now the proud owner of a machine with both Deamon and Easy version 5 on it. Having said that, it seems to be running OK, though I haven't done much since. What do you recommend:

1. Leave well enough alone and march on?
2. Remove Deamon?
3. I made a disk image with Drive Image 2002 earlier this morning. Go back to that?
4. Remove Easy?

Sorry 'bout this, and thanks for the advice.


26.07.2003, 19:20
Removing easy cd creator may cause problems, as it leaves crap behind...

26.07.2003, 19:27
Iґd go with option 1 - if it works, leave it be.

28.07.2003, 22:30
Just make sure you have the latest updates for EZCD Creator 5, and all should be well. I ran 5.1.x through 5.3.x right along side DT for a long time - then when 6 came out, upgrade to EZCD&DVD Creator 6 - with no harmful side effects.