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17.04.2006, 01:20
do u have to install the game while safedisc emulation is running or can u just play the game while safedisc emulation is running???

17.04.2006, 02:11
Your topic title mentions the "FastDump" feature. The "FastDump" feature has only been implemented on older SafeDisc titles. This is typically used in this manner
a) install the game with original disc
b) start the game with original disc
c) load a CD Burning program and make an image of the disc and the ripping speed will be increased (this is used for older CD Burners or CD Readers and of couse only on older SafeDisc games).
d) The total time to make image file will be decreased.

You have mentioned a separate topic in your message, you just want the game to be able to install and to be able to play. So my questions for you are:
a) is your disc a CD or DVD?
b) do you intend to play from an image file loaded off the hard drive or to play from a burned disc?
c) What is the name of the game and what version of SafeDisc is used on the game?
d) If you intend to burn a disc, what model of CD/DVD writer do you have?

17.04.2006, 09:14
The "FastDump" feature has only been implemented on older SafeDisc titles.FastDump method is also working with some (all ?) newer titles, but i guess it depends on the drive whether it's working or not, watch THIS (http://forum.alcohol-soft.com/index.php?s=&showtopic=19669&view=findpost&p=97555) post et sqq. (only accessible for registered users)

17.04.2006, 09:30
Thanks for the info.

17.04.2006, 17:23
on the fast dump section of the daemon tools help, it says to:
1) Enable safedisc emulation
2) Install the game you want to backup
3) Start the game, and wait until the safedisc check is over you usually see a splash screen while it is safedisc checking)
4) Exit the program and do NOT remove the CD

then it says to create your image and stuff. i was wondering if you could just run the game with safedisc emulation on. i already installed my game and don't want to have to uninstall it and re-intsall it again w/ safedisc emulation on b/c i lose my saved games.

to answer ur questions:
1) CD
2) not sure, either or
3) call of duty (3.1 i think) and call of duty: united offenses (3.2 i think)
4) not sure

18.04.2006, 09:19
do u have to install the game while safedisc emulation is running ...No, doesn't have to run while installation, only when starting the game and creating the image.

P.S.: - If using DT 4.03 x86: There is a bug in that version's safedisc emulation that can avoid gamestart when activated !! If installed, use Alcohol's SD emulation instead.
- If fastdump method doesn't work with your drive(s) another option (of course only for starting, not for a backup) would be creating a mini image: Cancel image creation when the first read error occurs, but keep the image files; such an incomplete image lets you also pass check up to Safedisc versions <4.5