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27.07.2003, 19:33
i use daemon tools 333 latest ver. and i emulated 2 disc image to play on battlenet s servers

1.diablo2 exp

all was perfect (except in latest ver of warcraft3 when i had to click a few times on retry in order to launch the game.

when i bought frozent throne first thing i made it a image and i installed the game after that image then i aplied the latest patch through online connection.

what is strange the game was started but only for a few times ,then daemon tools asking for retrying without no results.

but what is more strange i cant play neither diablo2 exp or warcraft3 reign of chaos. (??? press retry or cancel)

i heard about new securom protection 4.8x and i downloaded the alcohol 120 latest trial version and i made a image for frozen throne.Althought i didnt saw securom 4.8x when i made the image i used securom 4.x

i reinstalled all game (warcraft3 and warcraft3 TFT) and same stupid problem : i was able to play the game ,to aplly the pach .i even launched after i restartd my computer or i shutdown it ...but after a while 4-5 hours the game keep asking me for retry..and warcratfand diablo too.

i reinstalled windows but same problems.What i dont understand is :

1.why frozen throne is damaging daemon tool , because i cant play no more diablo2 or warcraft3.?
2. why after i installed the frozen throne the game works and then no.(i dont change a thing)

i use cdrom teac 52x writter and windows 98se +daemont tools latest ver

will there be any chance to play the game with a perfect image emulated by daemon tools? if yes when?

27.07.2003, 20:28
In alcohol 120, make sure you read sub-channel data and read dpm @1x. You should also have a good cdrom that reads sub-channel, so maybe try a different cdrom/writer to make the image.

30.07.2003, 00:16

it was a virus win32.pinfi...

now its all ok

thanks anyway!! :oops: