View Full Version : Daemon Tools and the Kernel

18.04.2006, 21:01
I was recently going to install Daemon Tools to deal with a recent CD-ROM failure while I waited for a replacement, and I noted the installer's warning that the system would have to be restarted so that the kernel could be modified.

Being a computer science major, that concerned me greatly. I wish to know if, upon uninstallation, any kernel modifications are reversed.

I have heard great things about Daemon Tools, but I want to make sure that when I get my replacement CD-ROM there will be no permanent changes to the kernel when I uninstall.


18.04.2006, 21:12
Daemon tools disables kernel debuggers to protect from reverse engineering. User mode debuggers and visual studio and windbg should work fine.

19.04.2006, 00:23
Does it reenable kernel debuggers on uninstall?