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29.07.2003, 03:39
Hi all, I just installed DT 3.33 and it looks good get the tray icon and everything. The program "seems" to work but I havent been able to try it yet because my computer needs to be rebooted from the DT install. As the computer is rebooting (i have win xp home sp1) i get the startup screen but then when it should goto login or desktop i get BSOD system lockout with error drive irq not less or equal or something like that. I did a search for the minidump file and found none. Please help.


29.07.2003, 16:07
You should be able to find minidumps in C:\windows\minidmp. Please post it here or send it to andareed@daemon-tools.cc.

To enable minidumps, right-click on my computer, then click properties, then advanced, then setting (startup and recovery). You should see 'Write debug info'. Make sure it says small mem dump and path is %SystemRoot%\Minidump.

What other software (burning) do you have installed?

29.07.2003, 16:35
minidump is enabled but I don't have a minidump file, could this be because I had to start the computer with last known good profile?

29.07.2003, 16:39
At the location Andareed mentioned disable the automatic reboot in case of BSOD bullshit (so-called "feature").

29.07.2003, 17:11
It is disabled

29.07.2003, 17:16
Please provide additional info that is displayed on this screen.

Are you able to start the computer in safe mode with command prompt?

29.07.2003, 17:50
Yes I can. Are you helping me with the Alcohol also?
The blue screen I get says:
I can start in every mode but normal.

29.07.2003, 18:05
Thanks for all the help, I got a copy of DT 3.23 installed it and it works great. If anybody else is having this problem I would recommend trying 3.23.

Thanks Again

29.07.2003, 18:07
Please start in safe mode. Then goto C:\windows\minidump. Post latest dmp file or send to andareed@daemon-tools.cc.

Yes, I was helping you in alcohol forum too :lol:

05.08.2003, 08:48
cool i think i should too try some older versions.
i am getting similar problems.
belkira, are you using a nvidia vid card?
could it be some build-ins in newer versions that is causing the problems..
i hope 3.23 will run smoothly on my computer.

07.09.2003, 02:25
Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for posting all of your information regarding the problem with Daemon Tools 3.33 failing to work after upgrading to Windows XP SP1. I think I have found the problem... Some of you mentioned it started right after doing a Windows Update, and others mentioned that it may have to do with NVidia drivers... I think it's both... See, when I initially upgraded to XP, I didn't have problems (or didn't SEEM to)... but then, shortly thereafter, I went to Windows Update, and installed DirectX 9.0b. Shortly thereafter, I started being unable to boot into XP, which forced me to use the "Last known good configuration" option to boot. Of course, that disabled Daemon Tools, which in turn caused the "Virtual SCSI Driver not loaded" (or whatever it says) after logging in. The culprit may be DirectX 9.0b, AND the NVidia drivers, because it seemed to start with DirectX, but after I went to the NVidia site and upgraded my NVidia TNT2 drivers, everything is happy now! So, please PLEASE try upgrading your NVidia drivers if you have them, and then uninstall DirectX 9.0b as a LAST resort (if possible?).

Just as an added note, I did notice that my laptop had no problems running DT 3.33 on XP SP1, even after upgrading to DirectX 9.0b, but I think that's because it does not use the TNT drivers/chipset...

Please let me know if you have any questions! Good luck to all of you trying to get this resolved!

Maximillian R. Carper