View Full Version : Daemon Tools Setup keeps asking me for a reboot after serveral times ! HELP

20.04.2006, 17:57
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to install the latest version of Daemon Tools, when I access setup it asks me if I want to install SCTP and I do, after that it ask's me to reboot my computer, I click Yes and the computer is getting rebooted. After the reboot the system automaticly starts the Daemon setup but after that it start all over again with the same questions as in the first install.

How can I resolve this ?

Tnx allot !

21.04.2006, 02:09
Does the account your using on Windows have Admin Privilages? If not you will probably need an Admin account to install.

Are you running anything such as a Virus Scanner? If so, try disabling/turning off your Virus Scanner (including stopping it from loading on boot) until after DT is installed, then enable it again.

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