View Full Version : Blindwrite or Alcohol 120??

29.07.2003, 15:42
Anybody here test both of these programs and have an opinion which
is better? For me at the moment Blindwrite is working out better for
making backups of retail Cd's. I had Alcohol 120 installed and I was not
able to make a backup image of my MOHAA spearhead CD. I kept
getting a read error message. I then tried Blindwrite and was able to do it.
Seems to me so far blindwrite is a better program but I would like to
hear what people here have to say.

29.07.2003, 15:55
Are you kidding!? MOHAAS is SafeDisc protected, so ...
1. read errors are normal, ̉‘cause part of the protection,
2. even Blindwrite reports these read errors - so what!?
3. Alcohol has NO problem at all backing up MOHAAS!

02.08.2003, 13:58
My personal opinon is: Alcohol is by far better then BlindWrite and thouse "Read Errors" are "normal" if you have a modern burner u won't have to worry about the backup copy :)