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22.04.2006, 07:25
I meant per leg.. j/k...

No but seriously, its been a while since I used Daemon tools and and use another package and have the same problem with both even though I have install and re-installed both packages 2 times to see if problem would correct itself.

PROBLEM: In a fresh boot I can mount an ISO once, everything will be ok. If I desire to mount a second ISO chances are I won't have no problem but DEFINITELY either after the first or second+ mount the following happens:

A. explorer shows on either 2nd or 3rd+ ISO mount of a wide range of functional ISOs I have and use, file contents, free space, etc as if I never unmounted and mounted another image.

all using a single virtual drive at the same time:
for example...
I mount cd1... everything works fine
I mount cd2... sometimes I get to see cd 2's contents if not its as if cd 1 is there...
I mount cd3... files of cd 1 or 2 show only,
I mount cd4... files of cd 1 or 2 show only,
I unmount... no files show if I refresh in explorer
I re-mount cd #x... files of cd 1 or 2 show only.

I have an enormous collection of ISO's and I burn them to DVD... after I burn them to DVD I mount them to make sure they mount ok... When they don't mount ok from DVD I try to mount them from HD and re-burn at slower speed if the HD image mounts fine.

Its been a while since I done the burn mout test exercises because I recently got a 300gb hd and I can hold off a bit.

BUT I HAVE ALWAYS been able to mount, unmount and re-mount dozens and dozens of ISO images in the past without a single problem whatsoever.

Most suspiciously of all,, as I said I tried installing and re-installing DAemon tools and another package I have several times and this has been to no avail.

I only suspect there may be faulty registry key for where virtual memory in WINDows XP is stored....

1. is there a known solution for this?
2. if this a registry key prob of how virtual memory is handled?
3. is this a faulty windows xp system file or driver?
4. will a "repair os" windows XP installation not only replace system files but also set registry settings for virtual memory handling the way it was at default?

22.04.2006, 10:48
Seems Auto Insert Notification (AIN) is not active, enable it, then try again.

22.04.2006, 11:38
Seems Auto Insert Notification (AIN) is not active, enable it, then try again.

IT worked.... THAnks!!!

too bad I made a second post that can only complicate things..

IF anything, disregard and delete it... ciao