View Full Version : error 1334 i'mgona mad````>_<

30.07.2003, 04:26
who's gonna help me``````

i cant install daemon ```

30.07.2003, 05:04
More than likely you have a corrupt download.

If you get this error again, please post the full error text.

01.08.2003, 04:35
OH~```.it still don't work`
error 1334,the file '_08B227E6E1BB4C399DFDDF4306215332'CANNOT BE INSTALLED because the file cannot be found in cabinet file 'instal01.cab'.This could indicate a network error,anerror reading from the CD-ROM,or a problem with this pckage.
but the install file i downloaded is the same with my friend's ..........

and i've used an elder version of D-T, but last week every time i open it ,XP turned out an error report ,so i deleted the folder and wanna install a new one.(am i a little bit rude.....)

01.08.2003, 15:55
Please make sure you are running latest windows installer (2.0). You can download it from download.microsoft.com.

Also verify that you have permission to access/write to your temp path (usually C:\documents and settings\user\local settings\temp).