View Full Version : VMWare & Daemon tools workaround , would like a fix

22.04.2006, 11:23
It seems if you are having trouble when you load more than 1 or 2 image files you see only the 1st or 2nd image file contents in explorer irreguardless if you attempt to load a 5th image file. All image files being in good condition.

Then I noticed, that just yesterday everything worked perfect from my VMware virtual OS, I installed many server programs from image files without a problem.

So I re-installed Daemon-tools, and still I wouldn't be able to load more than a 2nd image file successfully and error free without having to reboot.

It occured to me to see if I can load several different image files consecutively in VMware guest os, and I was able to. Not only that but I was able to access the image files **TROUBLE FREE** from both my guest and host OS as long as I had a VMware OS running and would recommend checkbox "legacy emulation" when configuring the cd-rom device of your VMWare guest os.

Once the VMWare OS is shut down the problem starts again.

I posted this because maybe someone can benefit from this and also am in hopes that maybe someone tell me of a fix for this problem.

I am using Windows XP, daemon tools 4.03 and VMware workstation 5.5.

And Daemon tools was installed prior to VMWAre.... Any suggestions???

Maybe uninstall both vmware and Daemon tools... then install VMware first???

23.04.2006, 06:38
I think that you have some other CD or DVD software causing conflicts on your "real" system. BTW, I am not sure this has anything to do with VMWare. But we'll only be able to tell if/when you solve the issue.