View Full Version : Alcohol 120% question

23.04.2006, 02:13
I was going to buy alcohol 120%, but then I saw that you had to pay in Euros. And when we buy our software online, we always pay with PayPal.

Also, is the download link they set up the U.S version too?

I was also wondering if there was anyway to pay in U.S.D for Alcohol 120%

Thanks for your reply!

23.04.2006, 08:32
Alcohol is multilanguage so when you buy through the site you will recieve the correct version regarding Download link this you will recieve once your order is processed, there is no problem to purchase using Paypal as far as i know all prices are shown in Euroґs but you should be able to pay in USD which should be around 61/62$, i would recomend either contacting sales@alcohol-soft.com or info@alcohol-soft.com for more information.