View Full Version : DT all of a sudden needs a reboot for changes

23.04.2006, 15:27
I have been using DT version 4.03 for a while now but an irritating problem has just cropped up.

For some reason, whenever I activate/shut down DT, a message indicates that I need to reboot my machine.

This never used to happen. When I disabled the virtual drives, the cd/dvd icon under my computer was automatically removed before, now it only removes after rebooting.

Can anyone help??

Cheers... Big Liam :)

23.04.2006, 23:49
You have probably installed a program which is using the drives in the background without your knowledge.

24.04.2006, 19:01
thanks for your reply, I'll monitor things and come back if I need to..

Big Liam :)