View Full Version : BF1942 Stops Working

24.04.2006, 08:54

We have an image of BF1942 (on a server) that we mount with Daemon Tools (+DaemonScript). We use two virtual drives.

It works perfectly most of the time, but after having played for a while (about 30 min or so) and changed server a few times it suddenly says that it cannot find the CD. If we then try to start the game again it says it still cannot find the CD, even if the CD still is mounted. If we mount a second image, it works again for a while, then the same thing happens again. As were now using both virtual drives it doesn't help to mount it again. But if I disable all virtual drives and restart them it works again.

Don't know if this is a Daemon Tools problem, but it seems like that. Anyone had the same problem? Or know what it is?