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24.04.2006, 22:18

I have posted in this thread....


..but I have copied it here as I would like more people to be able to read it....


FWIW I would like to share my experience with the latest version of Alcohol and SPTD.sys.

As many people have found I too have had this problem with my booting into XP just stopping. However what I have noticed is...

I had XP installed from a CD with SP 2 integrated and very little else. I never bothered about any Windows updates as I use alternative email / browser applications etc etc etc. And Alcohol worked fine.

However I was ready to format my drive, not been done for ages, and this time I compiled an installation CD for XP with all the latest updates, fixes, etc etc etc within it. I then installed Alcohol and found that I had the boot failures that other people are finding.

Restoring, from an image, my old copy of XP, with no Windows updates ever applied, SPTD.sys loaded fine and caused zero boot issues.

Going back to the new build with all the Windows updates then I again had the boot issues.

I decided to stick with the new build and remove the latest version of Alcohol and revert back to an old version that doesn't use SPTD.sys and all is fine.

Now one set of tests doesn't mean that my findings are accurate or correct. BUt it might be a clue that something with Windows updates could influence the way that SPTD.sys interacts with the system...?

Although the above related to Alcohol I did repeat the same exercise using the latest version of Daemon-Tools and got the same behaviour.