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25.11.2002, 01:02
i just purchased the lord of the rings game today. i installed it today, ran it, and copied image file to hard-drive using clone cd. Daemon tools was loaded and running during the install, while i started the game, and during the copy process. clonecd did not report any read errors at all while creating image file. however, when i try to play the game from the image, it doesn't work. i also tried burning a copy to cd and used clonyccl to search for known protection schemes. the play cd scanned clean, yet i cannot play back the copy i made.

this one's got me stumped. any words of wisdom???


25.11.2002, 01:09
It was protected with SecuROM 4.83.x.
You can use Alcohol 120%, blindwrite, ******** to build one workable image file for Daemon-Tools emulation. :-)