View Full Version : road to roame will not work :(

31.07.2003, 01:51
Is any one having problem with Road to Rome the BF1942 ad on. I have got the original BF1942 to work fine by making an image in Alcohol with securrom settings.
In RtoR I can get the Virtual CD to load but when you go into the game it dumps back to windows 98

Can any one help

31.07.2003, 02:18
Can you find out what version of securom it uses? Also try reinstalling from the virtual drive.

31.07.2003, 02:45
O sorry I meant safedisc 2.8
I have tried reinstating just the road to Rome with no luck but I think Im going to reinstall all of BF1942 to see if that helps

31.07.2003, 03:03
Thanks for your help
After a full reinstall it all works even with the 1.4 patch on :)