View Full Version : bluescreen after new monitor?!

25.04.2006, 09:08
Hey all,

I have bought a new monitor for my amd64bit (1024DDR2 Ram, Asus x800 GTO, ASUS A8N-E Motherboard). The system ran alright until I switched my old 17" Monitor for a new SAMTRON 19" Flatscreen. (Connection via Digital Cable) Now I get from time to time bluescreens while booting or working in windows.

The only weird thing I recognized is that my PNP Bios extension has a problem (marked with a yellow ! in the configuration planel)

What the heck causes the bluescreen? What should I do?

Thanks guys

26.04.2006, 09:59
Is the new monitor listed under 'Monitors' in Device Manager? Did you get an installation disc with the monitor?

28.04.2006, 12:36
the monitor is listed as plug n play monitor and yes I got a cd. should i go ahead an install it?

My Asus Menu though shows the monitor under the right brand and name.

28.04.2006, 17:56
Yes, I would install with the CD. Windows may be trying to force your monitor to use a refresh rate that is out of the monitors scan range, hence the blue screen. The yellow ! means that windows cannot recognise something correctly, chances are it's your monitor.