View Full Version : Advice on new Burning software pls!

26.04.2006, 10:23
Please could somebody give me some advice on what CD/DVD burning software I should go with?

At the moment I have CloneCD, but unfortunately this rips DVDs to .dvd format, which Daemon tools won't mount :( Therefore, up until now I've had to use Slysoft's Virtual CloneDrive.

I want to move away from Virtual CloneDrive and start using Daemon tools, therefore need to choose some new burning software! Price is a factor, but I'd rather pay that little bit extra if that means getting a better product...

What do people recommend? I've heard that the latest version of Nero is pretty good??


26.04.2006, 14:41
I've seen many reports of problems with the latest Nero ver 7+ Nero version 6+ is far more stable.

If it's for game imaging then the obvious choice is Alcohol 120% both software have their uses & will sit happily alongside each other

26.04.2006, 15:02
for imaging: Alcohol120% (or later DaemonTools Professional)

for creating own discs: Nero - best application imho for that