View Full Version : SuperBike2001 giving problem

01.08.2003, 11:15
I made an image of SuperBike2001 with clonecd4. I have enabled safe disk emulation and mounted the image. On running the game from virtual drive i am getting following error "The Shiba.dll file is linked to missing export ddraw.dll.."
I also got an error message on installing super bike from virtual drive. So I installed from drive d: by putting the original CD. I made a copy of it using cloneCD. Then i mounted it on virtual drive and wanted to play but couldnt. Please suggest me what to do.

01.08.2003, 11:21
Does it work if you run it from original cd?

01.08.2003, 13:17
Yes I am able to play superbike 2001 with original cd.
I have Samsung 232BRN writer and a samsung cdrom 52x

01.08.2003, 13:47
Your error means that you rather have broken DirectX installation or some virus. Try to install latest DirectX. I cannot understand how your original works then.
Try to make image with Alcohol.

01.08.2003, 13:48
What kind of error do you get when installing the game from virtual drive?
It is possible that the install path/drive is stored in some .ini-file or registry.