View Full Version : How do I change my virtual drive to D: if I can't see the letter in the option?

29.04.2006, 03:43
I installed a game on my drive D: earlier today. It must detect a cd to play. I mounted the game on my virtual drive which is F: and it still ask for the CD so I figured I maybe have to put my virtual drive as D: drive.

I read the FAQ on how to change the virtual drive letter but when I click on the scroll down button, I only have a choice from letter F: to Z:.

C: is my HD
D: is my burner/cdrom
E: is my cd/rom
F: is my virtual drive.

My question is how can I change my Buner letter to anything else so I can change the vritual drive letter to D: and try if the games work.

Thanks for the help.


29.04.2006, 19:46
Press Start-> Run
Type in "diskmgmt.msc" without the "".
Now search for your drive d:.
Right-click on it and change the drive letter e.g. to Z.
Then change the drive letter of your virtual drive to D: using Daemon-Tools.

03.05.2006, 06:54
I tried doing what you suggested as I am in the same predicament as AnalCobra. I was unsuccesful in running the game. When I switched in my case the E drive to Z, then mounted the image to the virtual "E" drive, I then recieved a message to insert the cd into drive Z. Thoughts?
I am a super noob with this. I searched the forums for info previous to posting.

03.05.2006, 09:31
fixepah, please tell us the name of the game and what patch version of the game you are using.