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02.08.2003, 06:28
i recently bought mafia and i wish to make a backup of it.... i am very new to this whole copywrite stuff and protections and i thought about just getting a crack for my game, but i dont trust sources out there due to virus's and stuff like that.

I read somewhere that Mafia uses safedisk 2 or something simmilar, so i bought the retail version of Alcohol 120%, made an ISO file from the cd (image i think i should refere to it as)
then i downloaded DAEMON tools latest version then instlled etc...

i uninstalled the game, then tried to re install it of my burnt cd's but it doesnt work. It askes me where i want to install the game and if i agree to the terms etc, but when it gets to actually installing the game it says "pleese insert Disk 1"... then i tried taking it out, putting the burnt disk in blah blah blah didnt work!!!

can someone pleese tell me how to do this game from scratch using Alcohol 120.. cos i dont have clone cd.! :lol:

02.08.2003, 16:04
To backup any game first you need to know what kind of protection it uses, if any.

I recommend you either look the game up in the Game Database here on this site or you detect it with ClonyXXL (search google to find it)

Mafia as you know use Safedisc 2.

In Alcohol 120% choose the Image making wizard.
Then set the datatype to the type of disc you are trying to backup .. in this case select Safedisc 2

Click next and select what you want to call the image and where you want to place it.

Make sure that the image format is MDS .. not ISO - I suspect this is where you failed.

Click start and wait until Alcohol 120% have created your imagefile.
If the game use Safedisc 2 (and Mafia does) then it will be able to make the imagefile faster if you used the fastdump feature of daemon (read the manual for info on how to use it) , but it will still work even if you didnt use it - it will just take longer time to create it.

Now with the imagefile created try turning emulation off in daemon and mount the imagefile and run the game using the virtual daemon drive.
If the game runs fine then you have a perfect 1:1 imagefile of the game - congratulations!

All you need now is to burn the imagefile with alcohol 120% using a capable burner (not all burner can reproduce some of the more tricky copyprotections , in that case you still need daemon to emulate the copyprotection)

To do this simply choose the image burning wizard.

Select the image you just made and click next

Again choose the correct datatype and then click start.

Thats it .. just wait for the CD to burn and then you have a perfect copy.