View Full Version : Regular DVD Drive and virtual drive disappeared

02.05.2006, 22:09

I'm using Daemon Tools 3.47 and have been for a long time. But all of a sudden both my regular DVD Writer and the drive letters for the virtual drives don't show up in explorer any more.
I've tried the topics in the faq about checking the drivers but they're all installed. When I try and change the drive letters the field is blank when I enter options, after changing them to any letter it ask to reboot, when i select 'ok' it does nothing.

Both drives do show up in device manager with an exclamation mark, giving an code39 error: Windows can't load the drivers into the memory, they may be broken or missing.

The only significant thing I changed on my pc was uninstalling norton antivirus, if that caused it it only proves that norton is even more annoying then it was before. I can't reinstall Norton cause I can't mount the image.

I hope anyone has an idea on what to do.


03.05.2006, 12:52
Well I fixed it, First I uninstalled both drives in device manager. Then disconnected my dvd drive & uninstalled Daemon Tools. Then with the help of the faq http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=440 I removed the registry entries. Then reconnected the DVD Drive which was then recognized again and reinstalled Daemon Tools which worked as well.


03.05.2006, 18:33
Good news :)