View Full Version : Can I use these software?

03.08.2003, 00:46
I was wondering if can use "Easy CD & DVD Creator 6" and "WinOnCD 6" to make a 1:1 image, because they have a RAW copy mode (copy directly to a CD or to a CD image). They are still 1:1 copies or it still doesn't work?

Please help.

10.08.2003, 23:02
We don't recommend the use of Easy CD Creator or WinOnCD for 1:1-Copys

You can try it out, but don't blame us if it doesn't work :wink:

06.09.2003, 19:02
Blindwrite is also an option for 1:1 copies and it works extremely well...

There is a demo available, but if you want to keep using it 'legally', you need to buy it...