View Full Version : Icon freezes when I mount

03.05.2006, 16:49
Wondering if anyone has a solution to this:

When I start Daemon Tools 4.03 for x64 the icon pops up in the systray normaly. But when I click mount nothing happens (ie: no browse window to select image). The icon becomes "stuck" and doesn't respond to any mouse gestures. I then have to kill daemon.exe in the process list.

I can, however, access all other options when right clicking on the Daemon tools systray icon (before I've attempted to mount something) and everything seems to work fine.

This problem developed seemingly overnight when I was using ver. 4.0 of daemon tools (the first x64 release). And has continued now that I've installed the new one.

Not sure whats relevant but I'm running chaintech nforce 4 m/board. 1x sata hdd (partitioned). 1x DVD-RW. XP x64. nforce driver ver 6.69. I akso use Registry Mechanic from time to time.

Any help/tips would be appreciated...