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03.05.2006, 23:19
Windows XP

Since I have installed Daemon tools 4.0, I have problems playing games. When I start my computer some program pops up on my task bar then quickly disappears. I didn't think nothing of it, until I try to play a game, and that same program or error message pops up and minimizes my games. Even games that I haven't used daemon tools for. In fact I have uninstalled Daemon tools cause I won't to play Oblivion: Elder Scrolls 4 w/o that program poping up and causing my game to minimize every 10-15 mins or so. I have read a lot of the forums and no one has had this error. Some games freeze after minimizing. I can't play my games anymore until I get rid of this mysterious error or program that I have popping up. Someone please help I don't want to reformat my harddrive. Damn there is goes again it just popped up and quickly disappeared.

04.05.2006, 10:56
Strange issue.
Did you install the adware? Try to remove it via the related entries in control panel -> software add/remove (Daemon Tools Search Bar and SaveNow).

04.05.2006, 11:20
You could record your screen with Camtasia Studio for 20 minutes or so (I wouldn't use any directx programs during the recording time) and then play back what happened as video evidence and you'd get a screen shot out of it where you normally wouldn't be quick enough to sit for 20 minutes and hit printscreen when something pops up for 1 second and then goes away.

Checking your startup programs using msconfig is always a good idea too, and using a virus scanner, ad-aware, spybot, etc.

05.05.2006, 10:09
if you are using a ati graphics card, this may be caused by the 'ati tray tools' had the same issue once. uninstalled all graphicscard drivers reinstalled it, and the problem was gone