View Full Version : Windows XP forces me to reactivate it after Daemon Tools Installation - please help!!

03.08.2003, 16:38
Hi everybody

After installing D-Tools 3.16 (I have also tried out 3.33 - same problem here) I reboot my system and suddenly Windows XP - SP1 tells me that there have been major changes to my hardware and that I have to reactivate it within 3 days.

I tried it out several times with a backup I had made but as soon as I install D-Tools XP wants me to reinstall after the next reset.

OS: Windows XP Home Edition SP1
Burning Programm: Ahead Nero 5.5 Plextor Edition
No other Virtual Drive Emulation installed
No Easy CD Creator

I hope anybody here can help me :roll:

Thanks in advance


03.08.2003, 17:06
Well, windows thinks you just added a scsi controller and various cdroms.

I think you can only get around this be reactivating. Many ppl use winxp pro corporate to avoid activation issues.