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05.05.2006, 14:11
redbook audio issue:

i remember the older DT versions, under device settings had an option for analog audio. (was it removed becauase of xp ?)

anyway, are older games, specifically age of empires 2 (which had one big redbook track) capable of playing the audio tracks using DT 4 and winxp ?

i don't get any music in aoe 2 which i reinstalled recently to finally finish. (i can play the audio track using nero's audio player, since i have that installed)

also as a test i only have drive "v:" (the DT vd) with no other real drives in the system. so that means one cd-rom drive as far as aoe2 can see.


06.05.2006, 12:08
It should work fine. See if you have the digital audio checkbox checked in device manager for the V: drive.

Another option is to use a previous version of Alcohol 120% which still supports analog audio playback/emulation.

07.05.2006, 08:31
it is checked,
so it IS removed in newer versions ???

so then DT v4 does NOT support redbook audio ??

07.05.2006, 15:24
Audio is supported but DIGITALLY.

07.05.2006, 16:33
Hope this helps to get the idea:

(When) "Digital Audio" option is enabled in virtual CDROM properties in Device Manager (...) all usual analog audio will be redirected on driver level (by redbook.sys filter driver) to your sound card.
No changes needed in any game or any other application - it is trasparent OS feature.

08.05.2006, 05:00
where is the conffusion coming from ??
i can not hear the music in either ago of empires 2 or aoe gold.. so something is not right here...

08.05.2006, 07:43
You could try playing from your real CD-ROM drive with the analog audio cable unplugged.

10.11.2006, 14:38
I have exactly the same problem with the same software (aoe2 XP), with every emulator I've tried (3 so far, including daemon).

Whether or not I check the "digital audio" checkbox, I get no music.

11.11.2006, 13:46
it is gone form the last few dt's and forever i think ??
they say it's not needed and should work but it doesn't. if it wasn't causing problems maybe it should be reinstated.

anyway if you really want to play it with the music (and i agree, aoe has some nice music) then install an older dt maybe 3.xx
if your system is like mine it may be a hassle but then do it just to play the game, finish it and come back to dt 4.xx.