View Full Version : Problems Accesing Drives

07.05.2006, 17:14
daemon tools has worked wonders on installing and running compacted cds but the problem for me has been after installation. when i run a game if i cant find a no cd hack is it tries to run it from my dvd-r drive (E:) i cant get it to run from the virtual drives...am i doing something wrong??

07.05.2006, 18:21
Don't mention noCD hacks here or you'll be banned. Consider yourself warned.

What exactly are 'compacted' CDs?

07.05.2006, 18:49
I think that compacted cd is the image file of the cd. InjenGTR when you have created the image of your original, you have to view what protection it use and if itґs necessary use and antiblacklist tool.