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07.05.2006, 21:32
I read the FAQ as well as posts on the forums, but I just can't seem to figure out what to do :(

I've got the CD for "Medal of Honor Allied Assualt Spearhead" and I want to be able to run it on my virtual G: drive without the CD. I've put the CD into my E: drive and then went into DT to try to find an "image" to mount to the G: drive but it doesn't work.

I'm kind of confused about mounting "images" - does it literally mean a picture? Why would I mount a picture to a drive?

If you need a list of files on the disc so you can determine what "image" I need to mount I can make a reply with the list.

Also if this require I get some other program other than DT could you give me a suggestion? While I looked into other programs similar to DT (I think) I came upon Alcohol 120%, but that stuff is $50. If a program sin't free its not worth my time.

Thanks in advance.

08.05.2006, 00:06
Images of CD/DVD's aren't pictures.
To create an working image of a copyprotected game you need a program like Alcohol 120% (you can get a trial version at www.alcohol-software.com).
Creating an image isn't very difficult.
Put the cd/dvd in your drive.
The only things you need is Alcohol 120% and a protection scanner like A-Ray Scanner.
Scan the protection of the cd using A-Ray and then start the Image making wizard of ALcohol.
Alcohol has profiles for all the CD-Copyprotections, so the only thing you need to do is to choose the profile for the protection (scanned with A-Ray), then press next until the image creation starts.
When you successful created your image you can mount it using DT.
If you don't know how to do it see the Help:
For newer games there also are some extra tools needed for abtiblacklisting.