View Full Version : Switching Disks?

05.08.2003, 11:01
Hello, I'm quite new to Daemon Tools, and I was wondering how to 'switch disks' with this program. I have 2 iso images I made of a game I want to install, I put them on my hard drive for usage. I can mount the image just fine and run the installation, but when It comes to the part where I need to insert disk 2, I don't know what to do. I was thinking it had somethign to to with the "Eject Tray" option, but I couldn't find anyhting on that in the documentation. Please help me?

05.08.2003, 11:31
just mount the second image, wait a couple of seconds and then tell the installer to continue.

Alternatively you can tell daemon tools to have 2 virtual drives. and mount both at once before you start the installer.. Then it should just keep going :D

05.08.2003, 21:59
it didn't work when i mounted 2 disks into 2 virtual drives.
i just wait till disk1 is done, then mount disk2 under the same virtual drive.
hope it helps