View Full Version : PC won't boot after "mounting" image and only if a image is mounted

09.05.2006, 08:23
Lo all,

I got strange problem, my PC has nps with using Daemon tools, having daemon tools on it etc BUT if i do not unmount the image off daemon tools before rebooting, my PC just loads Windows XP for ever after reboot.
If i did unmount image before reboot, nps then.

Windows XP SP2
Asus SLI, 3000 Athlon, 1gig of ram

Daemon Tools 4.03E

Any ideas?

09.05.2006, 10:10
Where are the mounted images located? Local hdd, network drive, SATA, etc.?
Try to disable automount in options menu and check if it helps.

23.08.2006, 18:39
i have the same problem. i need to load 2,3 drive to launch some games in my internet point...

i need help!!!

24.08.2006, 16:34
images mounted on local HD.

i nedd help, i work with games.. :(