View Full Version : daemon tools not installed?

09.05.2006, 21:04
I work in a cybercafe and I installed daemon tools v4, when I try to exe the scripts it says daemon tools not installed. I'm not sure if I need a newer version of daemon scripts or what the problem might be.

10.05.2006, 04:06
Your "scripts" are not compatible with DAEMON Tools version 4. What 3rd party addon are you talking about (that way I can suggest a method to upgrade)?

10.05.2006, 07:38
Hi anarchist442

What version of DeamonScript are you using? Try it with the latest one in the Download - 3rd Party for DT4 section. This version of DeamonScript 1.6.0 is working with the actual DT Version.

10.05.2006, 10:09
anarchist442, please remember that for commercial use, Daemon Tools is not free. If you want to use it in a cybercafe, please buy a license via the Register DAEMON Tools link.

In addition to the license for using Daemon Tools commercially, you'll get lifetime free upgrades for Daemon Tools, a free upgrade to Daemon Tools Pro 1.0 once it's released, and priority support in the Customer Forums.

11.05.2006, 04:17
Admin, the owner has done so but he is not computer literate so I take care of most of the problems. This is my personal account that I issued for myself.

12.05.2006, 02:13
I'm not sure what question your asking, I have an ISO server that is networked and we have daemon scripts for each game. So now I need to know what it is I need to do to replace the old scripts. I tried the newest versoin of damon scripts and it didn't work. So I just need to know where to go from here. thanks.