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10.05.2006, 15:17
I work on a school and i am the head administrator of Ict.

I am working with daemon-tools and i want the tray icon to disappear so the students cant mess it up, They dont have to mount the image's.

(because we are using daemon script)

Does anyone know how to edit the registry key so the icon in the taskbar isnt visible.

10.05.2006, 17:27
Just disable "Tray icon" in options menu.

12.05.2006, 08:10
yes i know that but the students can click on the "show hidden icons" and then they can still mess it up... :)

12.05.2006, 08:28
"show hidden icons" does NOT apply to the system tray. You can also apply security to daemon.exe to DENY to all but domain administrators.

Do you already use group policies and know how to make changes in active directory?

12.05.2006, 09:17
nope i dont know that :confused: but could u please explain it to me or u know a forum where they explain it :)

but if u deny it can u still can mount image's with deamon script ??

ur all having a vacation or something like that ? :P plx help meeeeeeeeeee :D