View Full Version : Assign Virtual Drive Letter via command line or script

10.05.2006, 19:25
I help manage the computer systems for a school and we use Daemon Tools as our virtual CD/DVD drive for our lab machines. We are currently using v3.47, but I would like to switch to v4.x of Daemon Tools.

All our scripts expect the virtual CD/DVD drive to be drive L: on any machine. With version 3.47 I could use BTE to assign the drive letter, but BTE does not appear to work or support v4.x of DT yet.

I know that I can use the 4.x User Interface with Daemon Tools to assign a drive letter, but is there a way to do this via a command line or script? I've searched the forums and I've found lots of answers for how to do this with version 3 of DT, but I haven't found any help with version 4.x of Daemon Tools.

10.05.2006, 22:12
BTEWin supports dt 4.x since november 2005; you need to download the latest version from the software's homepage, since the version that is available at the dt site is outdated.

However, if I were you, and if you don't need to play starforce games or windows x64 support, then I would suggest to stick with the previous version.

4.x adds some benefits, but also some drawbacks that may render it useless or problematic in certain environments (for example in a development environment where a kernel debugger is loaded).