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11.05.2006, 05:00
I'm running Windows XP 32bit edition and Daemon-tools V4.
I had this problem previously, but I thought it was a problem with my Windows or a previous version of Daemon-Tools. Since then I have done a clean install of windows and am still having the problem.
Upon opening daemon-tools the add new hardware wizard comes up and says new hardware found I will need to reboot to complete the install. Then Daemon-Tools gives me the following screens.
Then When I click OK I get this screen.
If I go into my device manager at this point it looks like this.
When I reboot there is nothing other than my Promise Fasttrak controller under SCSI Devices and the process starts all over again when I launch Daemon-Tools.
I have tried changing the memory address of the SCSI/Raid host controller and also changing the IRQ of my integrated ATA-150 raid controller. Neither of these has made a difference. I have a feeling this is some sort of conflict with my current SCSI/Raid controller because my friend has an almost identical system to mine, but his onboard ata-150 raid controller is disabled. Since my system boots off of the ATA-150 controller I cannot disable it to troubleshoot. Any help on this would be much appriciated.


11.05.2006, 13:36
Unable to add adapter. Device problem 12. (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=6894&highlight=Device+Problem)