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11.05.2006, 23:47
I didn't install Daemon Tools on my better pc on this reformat for the reason I will discuss and hopefully some help will let me use Daemon Tools on it because Alcohol 120% can be harder to unblacklist and everyone has said there is no problem with Daemon Tools it's my hardware blah blah blah. We'll get to the point here. Whenever I had DT installed with XP Pro, my bootup freezes just as my login names to windows are displayed. Only thing that sometimes gets by this is powering off, hitting F8 repeatedly and selecting a normal bootup of XP Pro manually, though that don't ALWAYS work. I seen the problems about sptd.sys but I have no idea if this is related or not as I've never seen an error relating that file. Any input would be appreciated. I'd definitely love Daemon Tools if I could somehow run it on XP without this happening.

12.05.2006, 14:16
Do you get any error message or BSOD?
Which version of DT do you have installed?
Try removing DT (manually) and the sptd driver in safe mode (hit F8 at startup).
See this thread and this thread for help, if you installed DT 4.
You can also see this thread for removing DT 3.47 manually, if you are using DT 3.47.
Try if it's working again after removing DT and sptd (only with DT 4).

16.05.2006, 02:09
Same symptom...... and many others. After many hours investigation by coincidence I noticed that if you do not log on for let's say 5 minutes, the system comes up properly. It seems that some piece of computer (probably software) is busy looking around or so. If I manage to log on the computer does absolutely nothing for a while and then comes up. This also happend (now) when DT (347) or NDAS is not installed.

Apart from that, the USB connectors went in a period of two months from fast to rediculously slow. When I plugged in let's say a burner or a disk, Windows complaints that it is a fast device on a slow port.

For various months now, I am trying to use my NDAS Ethernet disk which is connected to my router. Another computer on the same network can use the disk but I (who paid) cannot, whatever I tried. A pity that I cannot send images, I would show the status of the various devices.

So it seems that DT causes/has a side-effect when used longer and maybe in combination with switching numerous USB devices in the USB-connectors. The OS will remember all of them and suddenly you're out of addresses. I believe that Daemon (and also Alcohol) at most only emphasis the problems of the hardware abstraction layer of the OS.

This explains why a re-install usually works, not that Daemon or any other piece of software becomes better, but there is no garbage in the system to interfear.

So, stuck with a non-working disk, I keep on trying, maybe it will work some day.

Oh, forgot to mention, I had a very long converation with the technical dept. of the disk's vendor. He suggested to uninstall DT/Alcohol saying that it didn't help for them over there either. Only a clean install would work.

Should we and/or DT waste more time on this?


PS. Never seen so many complaints in one place with so few swearing words/negativism, GREAT!