View Full Version : How to install Daemon 3.29 on Windows 2003?

Armin Van Buuren
14.05.2006, 02:28
I really would like to know what happens. Only Daemon 3.29 can correctly mount all my image files. Most of them are .cdi and ccd.

Any other version I have tested can't mount the majority of them. 3.47, 4.0.3. I get no error message but the image is not mounted.

When I try to install 3.29 on Windows 2003 in the middle of the instalation Windows restarts. I have formated and reinstalled Windows but the problem persists. I really want to have Daemon 3.29 installed here

14.05.2006, 12:48
v3.29 does not support 2003.

14.05.2006, 15:12
You should report that some of your image files don't get mounted correctly to DT-Team. So they can fix the problem if there is a problem...

14.05.2006, 16:06
The dev team knows about the CDI issue. New image making applications use a newer CDI format and this is the only one DAEMON Tools supports in new releases. Backwards compatibility would be nice. Easy solution is to re-create the CDI file with the latest version of your image making/burning program.

14.05.2006, 17:04
cdi image support is courtesy of Padus by their own dll, thus there is nothing we can do about it.