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07.08.2003, 03:04

Ok im borrrowing my cousin game midnight club2 He has the real legit game. I am make a copy one for my self befor i have to return...soo i use CD CLONE everything look to be burning normal so, I install the game after the burning was done.( that was the copied version) the CD-1 passed the test after it asked me to put in cd-2 start to continued installation. Right at the finish installition it has a popup of ERROR "CATASTROPHIC FAILURE". Now i'v wasted 3 cds using CDCLONDE Twice Same problem, the thrid time i used NEROBURN Same problem so if they're is anybody out their help me plz because iv tried ripping the game on to my HD or how i could fix this problem thank

07.08.2003, 05:46
you can "fix" this "problem" in first case by buying an original CD for yourself. Backing up a borrowed game is nothing less than pirating!

We for sure don't support such behaviour.

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