View Full Version : Virtual Drives do not appear in My Computer

14.05.2006, 19:18
Hey all,

I have a problem with Daemon Tools v3.47 as well as v4.03 HE (32bit). I installed the program correctly, rebooted as asked. All the "hardware" (SCSI Adapter & Virtual DVD-ROM Drive) was succesfully installed. However, when I run Daemon Tools, no Virtual Drives appear in My Computer, nor can I assign a Station Letter to one of my Virtual Drives. When I mount an image, it says the image is indeed mounted, but the "CD" doesn't start and I can't access it in any way. I had the same problem with Alcohol 120% - for some reason no Virtual CD or DVD Drives appear at all. Anyone has any idea what causes this problem?

I'm using Windows XP with Service Pack 2. I succesfully used Daemon Tools for a long while on the exact same computer with the exact same software package and the same hardware setup. The only difference is that I formatted my PC yesterday, and since then, it doesn't work anymore.

14.05.2006, 19:38
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