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14.05.2006, 19:22
Hi users,

I am not very experienced with computers in gernal or deamon tools, so I d be very grateful for a step by step guide how to mount a image directly from a FTP Server without downloading it to the local drive of my computer. Is this possible ?

Thank you for your efforts


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15.05.2006, 11:52
I think you would have delays of up to 5 seconds per sector range, EVEN on a LAN. I bet no one will even attempt to do this kind of thing.

If you want to go into the realm of theoretical stuff: I can think of a way to do this (it would be mounting a webdav folder to a drive letter then using a webdav emulator (such as South River Technologies, Inc. WebDrive) that accesses an FTP server in the background).

HTTP on the other hand seems to be doable: HttpDisk (http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/).

If you were using HttpDisk (and you REQUIRE more emulation that HttpDisk offers) you would have to tell DAEMON Tools to mount a file inside the .iso file you are mounting remotely (which would involve manual image creation and twice as much disk space on the remote server).

My recommendation is to do neither.

15.05.2006, 14:39
Your advise with Http Disc is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks...

13.07.2006, 14:06
I have installed daemon tools 4.03 on my pc.Is it possible to mount image which is on http or ftp server and how can this be done?I switched off the secure mode option and tried C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools>daemon.exe -mount 0, but this gives me error "Unable to mount image.Unable to access image file." If i type this into my browser i can see the file and download it if i want but daemon tools refuses to mount it.

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13.07.2006, 16:35
I moved your post here. Check out the discussion above and see if that helps. But keep in mind that mounting a file within a file (read above to understand how) would be slow.

13.07.2006, 17:41
OK i will try this.Thank you for this advice.