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16.05.2006, 16:04
I would like to know if there is a way to make a server where there would be discs images and daemon tools installed and from a remote computer, mount the image on the server and use the ressource from a networked computer.


16.05.2006, 16:38
Yes it works, try it.

Just install it on the fileserver and then mount images and then share the drive on a drive letter (ensure proper sharing permissions). Are you on an AD domain environment?

If you want to have remote control over what image is mounted i suggest mounting via a network share directly on the client PC.

16.05.2006, 16:57
Yes, i'm on a AD domain environement.

I was goint to do it the same you mentionned (with the drive shared), but i dont understand how you suggest i can mount images from a remote pc.

The only way i could see that work is with remote desktop and manually choose which image to mount, but this method is kind of time consuming.

16.05.2006, 18:09
but i dont understand how you suggest i can mount images from a remote pc. Manually install DAEMON Tools 4.03 on each remote computer. Then use the tray icon to mount a remote file (\\server\c$\images\mycd.iso)

Yes, i'm on a AD domain environment.The reason why I was asking is that you can just make a new global group and deny everyone but those users access to the share (if you were on a LAN, setting permissions could be more tedious). And above the c$ share name can only be used by admins but it was just an example, normally you'd use a drive letter or share name.

16.05.2006, 18:48
I see what you are suggesting but what i had in mind is a little bit different.

What i want to do is install daemon tools on the fileserver, create a space where all the images are and share the emulated drive around the network.

Then what i was wondering is if there is a way (from the client pc) to change which image is mounted on the server without installing any kind of special software and without using remote desktop.

17.05.2006, 02:49
Have you heard of psexec (http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/PsExec.html)? On a client computer you can use psexec to connect directly to the server PC and pass credentials and control a batch file on the server PC which will change which image(s) are mounted.

17.05.2006, 14:50
Thanks alot!

That's exactly what i needed.

It seems to be an extremely powerfull app.