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07.08.2003, 18:00
After upgrading from DT 3.20 to 3.33 I miss the tray-icon - so it's impossible to mount a device or configure DT (the task-manager shows DT is running).

After installing DaemonUI and setting the number of virtual devices to a number ne 0, the DT tray icon appears and now DT can be configuered native.

Whats going wrong?

07.08.2003, 18:07
When you finally see the tray-icon, right-click it and goto options. Make sure that 'taskbar icon' is checked. You might also try unchecking then rechecking it.

So, if you have one or more virtual drives, you see the tray icon always?

07.08.2003, 20:26
Checking and unchecking 'taskbar-icon' has no effect.

If I have one or more virtual devices, I see the tray icon always.

I've reinstalled DT and the tray icon disappeared and the tray icon of DaemonUI too. Both programs are running and its impossible to configure DT

Rebooting nothing helps. But - how funny - reinstalling DaemonUI: when it starts again, both tray icons appear. :?

Btw.: In the preferences of the taskbar, the box for hiding inactive symbols is unchecked.

07.08.2003, 20:30
This seems to be more of a windows problem. I suppose if you keep at least one drive enabled, this will solve the problem.

07.08.2003, 20:43
I agrre with you and I just took the same decision...

Many thanks for your fast replys!