View Full Version : Please help this hang.

16.05.2006, 20:23

I have been using daemon tools for mounting all my DVD iso images and playing using either power dvd or meedio. My movies so far stored on the local hardrive. And I had no issues AT ALL playing the movies.

Yesterday, I setup a gigabit ethernet link between my PC with daemon tool with another PC. Stored some movie on the remote PC. Mounted an iso image lying on remote PC using daemon tool. Worked fine, I was able to fast forward the movie 32X with no issues. After an hour of watching the movie, power dvd just stopped. Later found out that daemon tool software has hanged and it doesnt let explorer to open. Cant see any drives. Cant do shutdown. Only way to get rid of this is to reset the PC. Though I was able to run internet explorer and surf the web through the same link and also through was able to ping the remote PC fine.

Any idea? I am running 3.47 version, later tried with 4.0 version, but same issue.