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19.05.2006, 00:16
Using windows XP pro as "server" on home P2P network. I also like to partition disks so that each one is for specific content (games - writing -etc). For these reasons I have only one spare disk letter N:\. I have installed to disk i:\

I have tried installing both DT 2.88 and DT 3.46. V 3.46 simply refuses to install and then uninstalls itself. The 2.88 version installs but when I try to use it (even after a reboot) I get a c:\windows\daemon.dll error message. I have left 2.88 (re)installed.

Is there a switch on the setup program to apply disk n: as the one assigned for DT? - or is there a program that will do that? Any feedback would be most appreciated. I would really like to get the program working.



19.05.2006, 11:05
Which error message do you get with v3.46?
Please use v3.47.
Why do you not change the drive letter to N: after installation?

20.05.2006, 01:34
I tried 3.47 and it does the same as 3.46 giving the message Device setup error: code 25057 (0x61E1), 2(0x2). Contact your support personnel

When it gets to that point it uninstalls itself. Since I've never managed to get a working installation I can't set a disk letter.

Any ideas?


20.05.2006, 10:17
Did you try v4.03 yet?
Do you use AMD Athlon64 cpu?

23.05.2006, 02:56
I'm using a Plll 933 cpu.

I tried 4.03 and it seems to loop - ie it gets to the "must reboot in order to continue installation" point after SPDT warning but the installation does not continue after the boot. Attempting to start from the "RUN' line simply gets to the same place and wants to reboot again.

Can the program be installed in safe mode? Any suggestions? I noted some AVG antivirus problems in another thread - I'm using Avant - has it got any known issues.



23.05.2006, 10:44
Check the following key, and delete it if it still exists:
HKeyLocalMachine\Software\19659239224e364682fa4baf 72c53ea4
it is volatile key of SPTD installation which should be removed automatically after reboot, maybe your anti virus prevents this somehow. Then try to continue installation.

24.05.2006, 05:10
The key was present and I deleted it but the install did not continue after reboot - (just went back to the "need to boot" loop).

I also turned off all spyware, virus protection, firewall, and running programs but it made no difference. I still get the 25057 notice.

I tried reinstalling 2.88 ignoring the DLL error - and then installing 3.29 over it - this led to a "SCSI driver not found" error.

Is it time to quit yet and accept that DT doesn't like my machine?

28.03.2007, 04:49
The fix worked for me on Vista Ultimate. Also I had upgraded from XP Sp2 installed SPTD 1.42 POST install, uninstalled then removed just HKeyLocalMachine\Software\19659239224e364682fa4baf 72c53ea4
I recommend cleaning all traces of SPTD also if all else fails.
Thanks a lot for those that found this relevant key.

18.06.2007, 19:18
sorry to bump an old post up but I am faced with the reboot problem mentioned. I have vista ultimate installed as an upgrade and have looked for the the reg key mentioned but it does not exist how do I find out the reg keys for the install so I can remove them?