View Full Version : Got Mail from a moderator (a faker?)

19.05.2006, 12:01
Some minutes ago, i got this mail:

Hey dazon,

I'm a moderator on the forum so I hope you don't mind me emailing you. I
wrote a tool that was designed to fix the "Cannot open config key" error.
The tool will prompt you to boot into safe mode and then it will delete the
SPTD information from the registry.

And my question for you, are you interested in trying out this program?

The only requirement is that you have the .NET framework 1.0 or greater
installed. After running the tool in safe mode you'll be able to run the
DAEMON Tools installation again and perform a clean install without problems
(if this program fixes your problem, which i think it will).



but there was no attachement, anyone could help me out, what he ment and where i get that tool? Maybe it was just a faker, who tried to send me a keylogger (framework ^^). Plz respond on this question, thx

19.05.2006, 20:54
No, this is not a fake - it is in fact a helpfull tool which is in beta-
stage atm and therefore not in the official downloads-list.

Although it does not contain any backdoors or harmfull stuff,
it is a beta-version, so you install it at your own risk in any

Nevertheless, it works and I didn't received any complains about
it so far. If you give it a try, you can contact Underheaven
directly for support - he would love some feedback

20.05.2006, 02:30
Kudos to Underhaven... helping even the non-members....
Here's to the d-tools team for showing they really do care about both their customers and their prospective ones :)

20.05.2006, 02:34
Yes, confirmation the email was from me.

Reason for no attachment: I do not send attachments to people who do not expect them in an email. This is a symptom of a virus or auto-emailing macro worm or something else.

Reason for not posting links to the tool all over the place: I still want more confirmations that the program is effective.

dazon I look forward to reading your results if you give it a try.

20.05.2006, 14:29
The link, you sent me via mail, contained an upload-space without any files on it. Maybe your upload was deleted...