View Full Version : clonecd problem

10.08.2003, 04:07
i used to be able to burn working cds with clonecd, but now i cant...i dont know why, but the disc will burn just fine, then the disc is unrecognizable by any computer...what gives? i know its not the images, cuz dt can use the images fine...also, if this is any indicator, with alcohol 120%, the same thing happens if i burn a disc in raw mode...my burner used to make great copies in this mode, but not anymore...im not necessarily lookin for help, just ranting and raving at bullshit

13.09.2003, 11:38
if it is the same burner as well, then that indicates a problem with the burner. Have you tried using a laser lens cleaner to clear any deposits that might have been slowly accumulating on the lens?