View Full Version : I want to support Daemon Tools by paying some 15 bucks but

20.05.2006, 06:27
See 15 or 20 bucks is not a big deal for me, but I want to know if I spend up some money for supporting Daemon Tools, will I :
- Get to know more detils of Daemon Tools development, such as how far it is in its development stage ?
- Will automatically get DT Pro when it is released ?
- Will get all future subsequent DT Pro versions available in forseeable future for free ?



20.05.2006, 08:53
-I don't know, maybe ask customers in the forum if they know those things

20.05.2006, 10:01
"Registered users will get a special support eMail adress and access to a private message forum - both for priority support. Registering allows you to use ALL future versions of DAEMON Tools!"

Extracted from http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/dt_register.php

When th DT-Team release a new version, they notify first to registered users, and can access to that version before the another people.

But there is a good question? When dtpro is released, the dt-team send a private message with the serial to all registered users?

21.05.2006, 09:42
Question 2 and 3 is at present true.
You will receive DT-Pro and all future updates, until such a time that the DT Team revise their payment model.
As far as question one...
It's an odd one... Yes, the registered customers hear about releases first...
But we are given the same "When it's done" answer as far as development status and release dates...
Although we did get some nice screenies a while ago....