View Full Version : Unable to add adapter. Reboot is required after previous operation.

20.05.2006, 14:44
System Specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
x2 7900 gt
2x 300gb in RAID 0
Sounblaster X-FI

When i first built my machine, i installed daemon tools on a fresh install, and it worked beautifally. Then, becaues i thought i had an older version (i was wrong sadly) i uninstalled daemon tools, restarted, but i noticed daemon tools didn't seem to uninstall properly.

One virtual device was there, which i found in device manager and i uninstalled it. And everytime i restart my computer it says "Windows has finished installing new devices. Do you want to restart now?" In my device manager a "SCSI/RAID Host Controller" has a yellow exclamation point next to it as well.

I decided to reinstall daemon tools, but when it was finished it said "Unable to add adapter. Reboot is required after previous operation." This error message seems to differ from the average "Unable to add adapter. Error Code 12" or whatever it is i've seen on this forum before.

So yeah, is this a common error? and is it fixable without doing the whole lets reinstall windows with ACPI enabled, cause according to the device manager under "Computer" is says "ACPI Multiprocessor PC" so this shouldn't even be the issue right?

SOrry for the long post, i hope it makes sense.

Thanks in advance,

21.05.2006, 23:20
I had the exact same problem when trying to install daemon tools on my fresh XP SP2 install on a raid-0 drive. Does anyone out there have their OS installed on a raid-0 stripe and have daemon tools or alcohol120 working? im trying to find out if its specific to certain sata controllers or what.