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10.08.2003, 22:52
I run a LAN shop in Spokane WA. I have 30 machines, and CD's is a problem for me. Most of the people coming into my store, I dont really trust. For now, I just swap CD's for most of my games. I am looking for a way of having all machines being able to run thier games without the CD. This just makes things easier for meyself and my customers. I was wondering if Daemon-Tools has any sort of network support? I was hoping I could run the games over the network. Since the games only need the CD to start, and not to run, I am not worried about bandwidth on a LAN. Any help? Thanks
PS- All games are legal, each machine has its own CD-key for each game.

10.08.2003, 23:52
of course you can mount your games over network.

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